SETS: The Youth Development Software

Youth development programs can be hard to manage, evaluate, and fund. SETS: Student Evaluation & Tracking System takes care of it all:

  • SETS manages your students, teachers, and classes
  • SETS evaluates student outcomes and teachers with concise reporting
  • SETS clearly demonstrates program outcomes and responsible management for funders and parents

✔ Manage Students, Teachers and Classes

SETS simplifies program management so your youth development program operates smoothly.

  • Manage all contacts from a single database
  • Efficiently track and manage program details including class rosters, demographics, relevant background information, and activities
  • Compare progress of individuals, groups, and populations - contrast with control groups, if desired

Visit the FAQ for more details.

✔ Assess Outcomes

Assess students and teachers using both quantitative and qualitative benchmarks. Produce comprehensive reports for funders and parents. Modify surveys, if desired.

  • Efficiently record and report on student outcomes – all in one place
  • Track outcomes with three quantitative scales for valuable feedback and reports)
  • Produce reports that clearly demonstrate your after school program's impact on students - view student reports here
  • Visit the FAQ for more details.

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✔ Generate More Funding

Demonstrate accountability and quantify student success for parents and funders. Funders demand data, so let it speak.

  • Quantify student outcomes including gains in learning ability and behavior
  • Demonstrate your commitment to program integrity and quality
  • Easily provide Human Services and Mental Health funders with professional grade reports they want.

Visit the FAQ for more details.

✔ Assess Teachers

This after-school software helps you pinpoint staff strengths and weaknesses. Evaluate teachers through measurement of:

  • Understanding and use of your curriculum or procedures
  • Communication and responsiveness to students and parents
  • Ability to incorporate new ideas and approaches to their teaching

Visit the FAQ for more details.


✔ Improve Teacher Effectiveness

SETS helps teachers develop their students' ability to learn. Teachers learn to:

  • Promote and facilitate students' strengths and learning capacities
  • Write concise, achievable goals, student profiles, and progress reports

Visit the FAQ for more details.

SETS is a Flexible Powerhouse

You can use one or all of SETS' functions. You can even modify the surveys as needed.

Technology & Pricing

SETS is affordable because it's PC-based (housed on your computer), so you don't pay ongoing monthly and yearly fees. It's priced at only $495 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Period.

It's easy to learn, too. Simple quick-start user manuals and video tutorials with a “sandbox” database ensure fast, painless learning:

  • An intuitive menu system provides easy input
  • User security features ensure privacy and confidentiality
  • Comprehensive reports are produced with the click of a button

SETS requires Windows XP or Windows 7 or above; Mac users purchase software to bridge to Windows programs. SETS operates on a single computer or Local Area Network - or can be accessed via remote desktop applications. All support is via email unless otherwise necessary.

Contact us to discuss bulk or franchise pricing.

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