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The Magic Heart Series

Jess's New Best Friend

by MH Rossi

"I know that look of yours, Jess! You think it's corny, but it's true.
Your heart is your superpower. You can never go wrong by trusting it.
Admit that you need help, ask for it, and your heart will take care of you."
-- Jess's Mom

Eleven-year-old Jess is an energetic tomboy with a vivid imagination. Happiest when riding her coal black horse Blaze, she doesn’t think twice about standing up to witches or defending her friends against hungry coyotes. It's a good thing, too. Adolescence is no walk in the park.

Jess is making it through until bullies at her new school brutally taunt her. Like most kids who are bullied, Jess starts to feel ashamed and isolated. When it becomes too much, she shuts down.

Jess’s mom sees what’s happening and decides Jess is ready to learn the most important life skill of all: trusting your heart and allowing it to deal with life’s challenges.

“Your heart is your superpower. You can never go wrong by trusting it. Admit that you need help, ask for it, and your heart will take care of you.”

Mom teaches Jess a powerful yet simple technique she can use to do this, and Jess works hard to learn it. She’ll be participating in the spring spelling bee and knowing how to spell will be only one of her challenges. She’s sure the bullies will be front row and center to taunt her.

Just a few hours before the bee, Jess discovers an almost unbearable truth that forces her to give everything to her heart.

The result will have you out of your seat and cheering.

Set within a mix of fiction and grounded fantasy, Jess's New Best Friend engages and delights children of all ages as it delivers a concrete, nonintellectual way to rise above bullying.


A professional writer since George Washington University, Mary Helen has written for NGOs, government, and commercial markets. She worked for 20 years as the lead writer for an NGO that ignited teens’ creative spirit, empowering them to rise above their challenges.

Her key theme is Self-discovery, which she sees as our purpose for being here. She began her quest in her early 40s, when the trauma of being bullied as a child threatened to overwhelm her. Like so many who are bullied, she had believed her tormentors, and despite efforts with various therapies, her anger and self-loathing had led to depression and dysfunction.

She began to heal when she married Bill Rossi, whose years of spiritual work had given him the clarity to trust his heart and live by it. He taught her to do the same. She now shares this orientation through her writing for young people as a way to cultivate their innate happiness.

Mary Helen divides her time between the East Coast and the mountains of Idaho.

It’s not rocket science!
As Jess’s mom says, our heart is our superpower.
Bullying and other traumas can shut it down,
causing anxiety and depression.
But if we learn to trust our heart it can dissolve our trauma.
In the process, we’ll be discovering who we are … we will find happiness.
The trick is to trust enough to endure the challenges that take us there.