The Story Behind Merge

Like most creatives, musician Bill Rossi struggled under the traditional teaching model. Thanks to a music teacher/mentor he discovered that he could self-educate... and so he did.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music Bill taught on faculty and then in his private studio. During this time he began to understand that most people learn best through relationship and emotional relevance and that learning happens naturally once a person's strengths are developed.

This spurred him to develop his teaching approach that ignites students' learning process and guides them to develop the inherent abilities that are fundamental to all learning.

In 1995 he founded and directed an arts mentoring nonprofit that served over 2,500 challenged youth and adults.

This video documents the arts nonprofit Bill founded and directed from 1994-2012:

Founded in 2008, Merge disseminates Bill Rossi's arts mentoring approach via his book and software.