Rise Above the After-School Program Competition!

Improve outcomes and impress funders with solid program oversight and detailed outcomes reports.

Improve Program Oversight

Demonstrate Great Program Management

  • Manage all contacts from a single database
  • Efficiently track and manage program details including class rosters, relevant background information, activities, and more
  • Compare progress of individuals, groups, and populations - contrast with control groups, if desired

Evaluate Students/Staff

Gather Quantifiable Data

  • Track student outcomes with three quantitative scales
  • Evaluate staff strengths and weaknesses
  • Modify scales to fit your unique needs

View student reports here

Get Detailed Reports

Give Funders the Data they Want

  • Student outcomes in learning and behavior
  • Easily provide Human Services and Mental Health funders with professional-grade reports
  • Demonstrate your commitment to program integrity and quality

View student reports here


Win More Grants!

Win More Grants!

  • Rise above the competition to get more funding to do your good work.
  • Foundations, Government Entities, and Private Donors all respect great program oversight and quantified student outcomes.
  • You'll have clear, quantifiable data to prove your results. Funders will respond!

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