SETS: The Youth Development Software

This youth development software helps you assess students and manage and fund your program.

  • SETS manages your students, teachers, and classes
  • SETS helps teachers and mentors improve strengths-based teaching
  • SETS evaluates student outcomes and teachers with concise reporting
  • SETS clearly demonstrates program outcomes and responsible management for funders and parents

✔ Manage Students, Teachers and Classes

SETS simplifies program management so your youth development program operates smoothly.

  • Manage all contacts from a single database
  • Efficiently track and manage program details including class rosters, demographics, relevant background information, and activities
  • Compare progress of individuals, groups, and populations - contrast with control groups, if desired

Visit the FAQ for more details.

✔ Assess Outcomes

Assess students and teachers using both quantitative and qualitative benchmarks. Produce comprehensive reports for funders and parents. Modify surveys, if desired.

  • Efficiently record and report on student outcomes – all in one place
  • Track outcomes with three quantitative scales for valuable feedback and reports
  • Produce reports that clearly demonstrate your youth development program impact on students - view student reports here
  • Visit the FAQ for more details.

assessing youth outcomes

✔ Generate More Funding

Demonstrate accountability and quantify student success for parents and funders. Funders demand data, so let it speak.

  • Quantify student outcomes including gains in learning ability and behavior
  • Demonstrate your commitment to program integrity and quality
  • Easily provide all funders (including Human Services and Mental Health) with the professional grade reports they want.

Visit the FAQ for more details.

✔ Assess Teachers

This youth development software helps you pinpoint staff strengths and weaknesses. Evaluate teachers through measurement of:

  • Understanding and use of your curriculum or procedures
  • Communication and responsiveness to students and parents
  • Ability to incorporate new ideas and approaches to their teaching

Visit the FAQ for more details.


✔ Improve Teacher Effectiveness

This youth development software helps teachers develop their students' ability to learn. Teachers learn to:

  • Promote and facilitate students' strengths and learning capacities
  • Write concise, achievable goals, student profiles, and progress reports

Visit the FAQ for more details.

SETS is a Flexible Powerhouse

You can use one or all of SETS' functions. You can even modify the surveys as needed.

Technology & Pricing

SETS is affordable because it's PC-based (housed on your computer, not in the cloud).

It's easy to learn, too. Simple quick-start user manuals and video tutorials with a “sandbox” database ensure fast, painless learning:

  • An intuitive menu system provides easy input
  • User security features ensure privacy and confidentiality
  • Comprehensive reports are produced with the click of a button

SETS requires Windows XP or Windows 7 or above; Mac users purchase software to bridge to Windows programs (see note below). SETS operates on a single computer or Local Area Network - or can be accessed via remote desktop applications. All support is via email unless otherwise necessary.

Contact us to discuss bulk or franchise pricing.

Mac Users Note: We do not provide ongoing support for Mac. However, the only issues identified to date are one or two error messages with shutdowns upon first use. If you receive these, be sure to switch data (home page) to the Sandbox before you begin.

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