Teaching Studio

Pianist Bill Rossi, composer and performer, offers instruction in jazz piano, ensemble playing, and composition. He is currently teaching at the Music Gallery of Clearwater.

A 1971 graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music and Blues-based Jazz player, pianist Bill Rossi has over 30 years' experience teaching youth and adults. He teaches all levels.

Bill also offers instruction in composition and improvisation and works with students who play other instruments, focusing on how to play in ensemble or better express themselves.

Play By Heart! Find Your Musical Voice

Want to learn to express yourself through music? Bill can teach you how because he understands what that takes, no matter what your level is. Beginner? He won't teach you the notes on the page at first ... not until you need them. Intermediate or advanced? He'll take you below the theory you've already learned to express who you are as a musician. As you get comfortable with that he'll teach you the new theory you need to express yourself more completely.

"Good technique alone is rarely satisfying to either player or listener and can sound like the makeup is wearing the face. When a student learns technique or theory apart from how he's feeling, his playing usually lacks soul ... his soul!" BR

Learning with Bill you'll develop your ear and unique voice so you go beyond 'sounding like' someone else and sound like the unique musician you are.


Watch the following video for one student's experience:

Rossi is also adept at empowering students who are struggling with school or their relationships:

If you'd like to know more about Bill's background, go here. For more information, contact Bill.

The Lesson Policy and Releases can be found here. To read about his success with students who are experiencing challenges with relationships or school, go here.