Just a few more steps and you’ll be on your way with SETS. Please provide your email below to receive your installation ID. And remember — be sure to follow the instructions below and in the Quick Start or Director’s Manual.

The directors’ tutorials on the Support page of this site are also very helpful.

1. Print this page. For larger type, you can print this copy.

  1. For networked computers, the first SETS install should be on a computer used by someone with administrative rights on the site’s network. The install will include a ‘SETS10User1000.exe’ file that can be distributed to users on other computers to quickly set up SETS and point it to the correct database location. More on this later.
  2. You MUST be running Windows. Mac users utilize a bridge to Windows programs.
  3. Download the SETS install file, placing it in a handy place on your computer (your desktop is good).
  4. Double-click on the SETS .exe file. Click yes to allow changes to your computer. This will open the SETS Install Wizard.
  5. The first window will allow you to change the install folder if you prefer. The default installation allows access by all the users by installing SETS in your Windows default Programs folder. Usually this folder is C:\Programs(x86)\SETS 10 10.0\. If you choose a different location, be sure to add the folder name to the path if it does not exist. Example: C:\Documents\{new folder for SETS}
  6. We recommend leaving all data files (Sandbox and SetsData) in the SETS folder.
  7. We recommend allowing the shortcuts in your Start menu and/or on your Desktop, although this is not required.
  8. You will be asked to accept the End User License Agreement. This is an industry-standard agreement. Click the radio button to accept. Click Next.
  9. In the event Microsoft Access is not installed on your computer, you will be prompted to download and install a free copy of AccessRuntime, version 2013 or later. If Microsoft takes you to their web page to purchase Office, look just below their verbiage for the link to the free AcessRuntime. Click on that and install.
  10. When the SETS install finishes, you will be asked if you want to open SETS. We recommend that you review the Quick Start or Director’s Manual as you begin to review SETS.
  11. You will need the email address used to purchase SETS and the subscription ID for the next steps. Your subscription ID can be found at http:\\success, or in the email receipt you received from PayPal. On the receipt, the subscription ID may be labeled Profile ID. It is generally 9-characters beginning with I.
  12. If not already open, open SETS. You will be asked for your subscription information. An internet connection is required to confirm your subscription and register your copy of SETS.
  13. After your subscription is confirmed, you will be asked to log in. The Director’s default password is ‘a’.
  14. When the Main Menu opens, click the Reset Your Password button to reset your password. You need to do this twice or the previous password will remain active (i.e., you will have 2 active passwords).
  15. In a single user or single computer environment, you are set up and ready to start utilizing SETS.
  16. If SETS is to be used in a multi-user environment, refer to the Network Guidelines in SETS Install and Network Guidelines for ideas on setting up your SETS network (here).

Mac Users Note: As stated on the website, we do not provide ongoing support for Mac. However, the only issues identified to date are one or two error messages with shutdowns upon first use. If you receive these, be sure to switch data (home page) to the Sandbox once you’ve logged into SETS.

If you have any difficulty with the downloading process, please contact us at

We wish you and your program great success. We are available through email (setshelp(at)merge-education(dot)com) if you need us!