Creative Mentoring Software

Get the Competitive Edge for Funding!

SETS creative mentoring software will organize and legitimize your community program, making you competitive with other educational and therapeutic approaches.

  • SETS helps legitimize the effectiveness of your program by clearly demonstrating the healthy development of your students.
  • SETS helps your staff members hone their unique teaching skills to become even more effective teachers
  • SETS’ concise reports give you the data you need to prove the impact of your teaching
  • SETS organizes students, classes, and staff, resulting in reliable and consistent service delivery that everyone respects

Take a quick tour! This 7-minute tour demonstrates exactly how SETS insures your program longevity:

You know your students are growing into more self-responsible people because of their involvement with your program ... but isn't it a challenge to connect the dots for funders!

This creative mentoring software connects the dots between the basic skills you're developing in students and their ability to succeed outside your program.

Thomasina Winslow

Fine Arts Program Director, St. Anne Institute, Albany, NY and Delta Blues musician

SETS has actually made my job easier! It has changed my perception of evaluation tools, as I believe it will for anyone who uses it.

Assess Student Development

  • Efficiently record and report on quantitative and qualitative student outcomes including progress reports and goals – all in one place
  • Track outcomes with three quantitative scales: Self-Esteem, Assessment by Others, and Teacher Assessment (even just using the Teacher Assessment gives you very valuable feedback and reports)
  • Produce reports that clearly connect the dots to prove the impact of your teaching on the whole student.

Visit the FAQ for more details.

Assess Teachers

If you have a staff of teachers working with you, SETS can help with that too. SETS' teacher assessment scale helps you pinpoint staff strengths and weaknesses.

Evaluate teachers through measurement of any or all of the following:

  • Understanding and use of the curriculum
  • Implementation of your approach
  • Communication and responsiveness to students and parents
  • Ability and willingness to grasp and incorporate new ideas and approaches and apply to teaching
  • Commitment to your school

Visit the FAQ for more details.

Improve Teacher Effectiveness

SETS' assessment focuses teachers on developing the life skills all students need to excel - the Principles of Empowerment described here.

Using these Principles and SETS, teachers are better able to:

  • Present material in a relevant way
  • Discover how students learn to empower them to become self-directed learners
  • Promote and facilitate students' strengths and learning capacities
  • Identify students' responses to their strengths
  • Find and promote ways students can best relate to curriculum
  • Assess core learning elements to promote personal understanding in students
  • Learn to write concise, achievable goals, student profiles, and progress reports

Visit the FAQ for more details.

Dawn Smelser

Dance Teacher, Philadelphia

SETS helped me break cycles of repeating ineffective techniques. Once I started tracking my students' learning curves and the triggers that led to counterproductive behavior, I worked smarter.

My classes began to run more smoothly because I was more in tune with the students’ needs, so more material was being covered and retained. SETS evaluation made my life easier and made me a better teacher.

Simplify Program Management

SETS organizes students, staff, and classes so your program operates smoothly, demonstrating a high level of professionalism:

  • Easily access information across programs
  • Communicate with staff, clients, and their significant others
  • Save time with quick attendance entry
  • Manage all contacts from a single database, eliminating the need for multiple lists
  • Efficiently track and manage program details including class rosters, demographics, relevant background information, and activities
  • Compare progress of individuals, groups, and populations - contrast with control groups, if desired
  • Highlight problem areas and causes
  • Determine the most efficient use of resources and control costs

Visit the FAQ for more details.

Watch this 2-minute video to see how SETS will simplify your job and improve and legitimize your effectiveness:

Attract & Retain Students / Generate Funding

Quantify student success to parents and funders. Parents love data and funders demand it, so let it speak. With SETS you will easily:

  • Quantify student outcomes including gains in learning ability and behavior
  • Demonstrate your commitment to program integrity and quality
  • Easily provide Human Services and Mental Health funders with the information they need, in professional grade formats they're familiar with (this is mandatory if you want to receive ongoing funding and referrals).
  • Demonstrate efficient use of resources

Visit the FAQ for more details.

SETS: Affordable, Easy to Use Arts Mentoring Software

SETS is affordable because it's PC-based - housed on your computer, so you don't pay ongoing monthly and yearly fees. It's priced at only $395 and comes with a no problem, 30 day money back guarantee. Period.

It's easy to learn, too. Simple quick-start user manuals and video tutorials with “sandbox” database ensure fast, painless learning:

  • An intuitive menu system provides easy input
  • User security features ensure privacy and confidentiality
  • Comprehensive reports are produced with the click of a button

SETS requires Windows XP or Windows 7 or above; Mac users purchase Parallels software to bridge to Windows programs (Under $80, free trial here). SETS operates on a single computer or Local Area Network.

Contact us to discuss bulk or franchise pricing.

SETS: Creative Mentoring Software for the Community Program

With SETS you'll be able to clearly connect the dots to demonstrate the student success and professionalism that moves funders to give and continuing giving. Get SETS today to:

  • Assess Student Development
  • Assess Teachers
  • Improve Teacher Effectiveness
  • Simplify Program Management
  • Retain and Attract Students / Generate More Funding

SETS gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Watch this 2-minute video to see how SETS gives you the competitive edge:

Rosa Garza Moore

Director, The Garage Community and Youth Center, Kennett Square, PA.

SETS is a very straightforward program.