Hi there, we're Merge. Nice to meet you!

Why We Created the Software

Merge co-director Bill Rossi founded and directed a creative mentoring nonprofit for 20 years, serving over 2,500 challenged youth and adults.

He couldn't find an easy-to-use software that managed his program and assessed meaningful outcomes, so he created one. Working with other educators and professionals he developed an after school evaluation software that would work in all types of programs.

Merge Education was founded in 2008 to disseminate the Student Evaluation Software and Rossi's Creative Teaching Approach.

The People Behind Merge

We are practical, down-to-earth people who know that smaller community-based programs often have a special ingredient we call authenticity.

Authenticity is an admirable quality that helps us get real with students so we can empower them to grow. So we developed this practical tool just for them because we know they'll resonate with it.

We say this on the Software Page, but it's worth repeating: We know smaller community programs can struggle hard for funding if they don't have the tools they need to evaluate and prove their success to funders. That's why SETS was developed. It's extra user-friendly because we know the field and we think like you think. Just like you, we're intelligent, creative people who put everything we have into our work.