Venturing Together

Looking for an approach that spends its time outside the box?

You need to meet challenged students where they are and build trust so they'll open up to learning. Bill Rossi's creative mentoring approach outlined in Venturing Together: Empowering Students to Succeed, gives you the tools you need to establish that trust and venture into learning together.

Just like traditional medicine, Rossi's creative mentoring approach works by cutting beneath the symptoms or pathology to ignite the life force -- or, to be exact, the creative spirit. This empowers students to develop the essential skills and abilities necessary for real learning ... what Rossi calls The Principles of Empowerment:

Relationship to Self: Ability to concentrate; Level of motivation; Self-confidence to succeed; Ability to tolerate frustration; Consistency of effort.

Relationship to the Teacher: Listens to the teacher; Understands directions; Communicates needs; Communicates ideas.

Relationship to Skills Development: Shows respect for environment and equipment; Shows willingness to try new steps; Displays freedom in self-expression; Recognizes patterns; Shows ability to build on previous learning; Incorporates elements of the skill.

Watch this 4-minute video to learn one student's experience with the teaching approach.

Read Venturing Together to learn how to:

  • accommodate the full range of learning styles through mutli-dimensional teaching
  • create an environment of inclusion
  • acknowledge students for who they are
  • foster attitudes of mutual respect
  • empower students towards self-education
  • keep challenged students engaged and growing
  • provide the architecture for directed, purposeful creativity

Because Rossi is a Jazz and Blues musician and educator, Venturing Together views creativity through an arts lens. But the approach is applicable to anyone wanting to access and utilize their creativity. You just need to be willing to step outside that box.

Venturing Together contains two parts (look-inside Part I and Part II):

Book/Part I - Fanning an Inner Flame: A Case for the Effectiveness of the Creative Arts in Human Services and Education
  • examines how early African Americans dug deep into the arts to overcome the adversity of slavery
  • pinpoints why creativity is an essential element for empowering at risk students
Book/Part II - Enlivening the Creative Spirit: A Strength-Based Educational and Mentoring Approach using the Creative Arts
  • describes the essential qualities and principles needed for a healthy mentoring relationship
  • describes the essential qualities, principals and environment required for dynamic strength-based teaching
  • provides specific approaches and orientations for effective strength-based teaching
This volume is well worth reading. By providing the tools to reach a person's underlying spirit, or essence, Bill Rossi's approach enables teachers to bring forth aspects of students' being that truly humanize them.

Wander de C. Braga MD

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Albany, NY

Roger Wayne

Coatesville, PA

I think Venturing Together is brilliant. You have crystallized the problem and a very viable solution.

Erica Fitz Mears

writing coach and instructor of theater arts

So many of our young people, as well as many others, feel they don’t belong in the mainstream of society. Well, they do. We all do, and even if we are different, we are valuable. As a matter of fact, these differences add value rather than marginalization in the whole fabric of our humanity.

Involvement with the creative process brings self esteem and dimension to all of us who reach inside to find our individual voices. But how can we as teachers and mentors implement the diversity of voices and stories to make a better world?

Bill’s book Venturing Together provides an intelligent guide to aiding those who may feel like they don’t belong to realize the energy and power of their own creative spirits.

In this invaluable book, Bill Rossi shows us how to proceed. There are no quick fixes here, only hard work, compassion, and believing in the goodness of the human spirit. All of a sudden, something really connects with one of our charges, and all the hard work pays off. The transformation begins of someone who feels like an outsider into a valuable, contributing member of society.