About Merge Education

The Story Behind Merge

A 1971 graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music, Bill Rossi's experience includes teaching on the Berklee faculty, performing throughout the US, a private teaching studio, and founding and directing an arts nonprofit that served over 2,500 challenged youth and adults (resume / details).

As a creative learner, Bill struggled under traditional teaching methods - he eventually realized that the problem wasn't with him but with the way he had been taught, and that his experience was a common one for creative people.

Through self-inquiry and observation he began to understand that like most people, he learned best through relationship and emotional relevance, and that learning can happen quite naturally once a person's strengths are developed. He went on to develop his teaching approach that ignites students' learning process, fans the flames of their creative spirit, and guides them to develop the inherent abilities that are fundamental to all learning.

Rossi has authored a teachers' guide on his arts mentoring approach (Venturing Together: Empowering Students to Succeed) and evaluation software to support that approach (SETS: Student Evaluation & Tracking System). He is currently returning to performance.

This video documents the arts nonprofit Bill founded and directed from 1994-2012: