About BRM: Out of the Blue!

Out of the Blue?

Wait a minute. Rossi hasn’t recorded or performed in more than 40 years but now he’s putting out music of this caliber? Talk about Out of the Blue!

Out of the blue is sure how it feels to Bill. Yes, he performed with small groups for about ten years after graduating from Berklee College of Music in the early 70s, but since then he’s been teaching and directing an arts nonprofit to empower at-risk youth, with almost no composing or playing.

In 2016 he thought maybe he’d do a little playing in retirement. You know, get creative with the Standards he’d taught all his life in his rhythmic Blues-based style. But then the Muse kicked him into gear … and hasn’t stopped yet.

These days Bill is arranging and composing in his studio almost constantly, working with an entirely new personal style fusing the Blues, Jazz, and Spanish with his almost 70 years of maturity that includes a pretty intense life-long spiritual practice. His new music is soulful, sophisticated, rhythmic and earthy, with a simplicity that many believe makes Jazz more accessible to today’s listeners.

The Blues at their Best: Celebrating the Resiliency of the Human Spirit

Bill’s style of Blues celebrates the human spirit’s ability to rise up and meet life’s challenges, creating a new positive experience that brings hope and optimism to life. He’s always digging deep, touching on that universal experience and expressing it with such honesty you know he’s including you in on conversations with his heart.

At its best music communicates the spirit of an inner life, so playing is like fanning an inner flame, stoking the fires of both player and listener. When the player does that in himself and swings with a really strong positive thrust, the music becomes meaningful human to human communication.

Simplicity is an important element of my work because the essentials can express the universal experience to people from different walks of life.