5 stars

Thanks to his lessons with you, my son (who was diagnosed as bi-polar with ADHD) has begun to accept personal responsibility. He is reading on his own, developing his writing, and has enrolled in the GED program. 17 year old student’s mom


I am particularly impressed by the fact that people stop wearing the label “challenged” and see themselves as “Poet, or “Singer / songwriter” or “Painter”. Wonderful - so very healthy.

Caroline Smith, Deputy Admin. for Mental Health, Chester County Dept. of Mental Health / Intellectual Disabilities, West Chester, PA


 Your dedication and commitment to mentoring children and young adults through the artistic process has had a tremendous impact on the service systems here in Chester County.

The performance events are more than we ever expected and have promoted recovery in ways that we had not even imagined.

Donna Carlson, Deputy Human Services, Chester County Dept. of Human Services, West Chester, PA


In a nutshell, Bill has helped me get organized and motivated taught me to look towards my future and become the best me that I can be. =)

When I started lessons I was only focused on "the now" of things, worried about what was going on in that exact moment of my life, and I was not worried much about my future. For the most part, I was unorganized, unmotivated and only wanted to receive drum lessons to better myself.

But now that I have been taking lessons for almost a year, I can look towards the future. And not only the future, MY future. Bill has told me on numerous occasions that these lessons will take you as far as you want to go in music. And that has excited me very much! When I joined the Jazz ensemble a few months ago, after stopping my drum lessons to play softball for the season, I never thought that we would excel to where we are today.

Being in the ensemble has taught me that I need to be reliable and that music is a group effort. That I need to put in 100% of my effort to make myself play better, but also listen back to what others say around me to better the group.

I absolutely recommend Bill Rossi to anyone who who needs help looking towards their future and kick-starting their life! K. McG.


Being parents of a child helped by Bill Rossi, we want to just say thanks. Our daughter had been experiencing a great deal of emotional turmoil for the past three years with no clear diagnosis. The latest manifestation was a very definite anxiety issue which would quite simply leave her in a dysfunctional state. The public school was unable to meet her needs and an alternative setting became necessary.

For extra help we were referred to Bill as a possible additional outlet for our daughter who had expressed interest in playing the guitar.

Her confidence over the past several months is nothing less than astonishing. She was recently able to perform with the Jazz ensemble in front of a host of people. She appeared calm and really showed confidence. Even better she really enjoyed herself.

He is using music to help her overcome her anxiety all the while instilling confidence to help move her along in life. - Roy & Maria Kohr

teaching studio:
piano, ensemble playing, composition

A Blues-based Jazz music studio at Hoobler Music, Studio B, 709 Glover Avenue, Enterprise, AL offering piano and ensemble instruction.

Bill Rossi: Teacher, Composer, Performer, Author

Bill Rossi, Teacher, Composer, Performer, AuthorA 1971 graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music, pianist Bill Rossi has over 30 years' experience teaching youth and adults and has special success teaching underachieving and youth facing challenges, as described in his book Venturing Together: Empowering Students to Succeed.

Bill also works with students who have proficiency on other instruments, focusing on how to play in ensemble or express what they feel and hear from a more emotional perspective.

Listen to Bill and students in a small group ensemble (link will take you to SoundCloud - click forward arrow to begin playing "Freddie Freeloader").

Being in a group of people [ensemble class] has shown me that lots of people have different ideas, and that my idea isn’t always the best and isn’t always right. When a group plays together, you have to work with each other to make it happen. It helps me understand how to listen to people, even outside of my lessons, in other parts of my life. Julian, 16

Bill Rossi and Student-Teacher Ensemble

Play By Heart! Find Your Musical Voice

strengths-based-arts-mentoringOne reason that Bill is such an effective teacher with struggling youth is his emphasis on emotional learning which empowers students to get touch with and develop their strengths.

My lessons not only helped me in my musicianship, but also helped me in shaping who I am today. I have learned everything from leadership to friendship, from rhythm to melodies. Sheila, 17

It doesn’t scare me as much anymore to meet new people, so I make the effort to meet them. I’ve learned how to be tolerant and say what I mean, especially when I write. Joey, 15

One student shares his experience:

Bill is also very effective with students who have a more successful experience of life:


At the time my son started lessons with Bill, he was having some problems (as lots of teenagers do) and I was really worried about him as far as staying in school, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, and staying out of trouble with the law. At the time these were real concerns for me… He has been enrolled in weekly lessons for about a year now and I must say that his involvement has helped him to mature and focus on the important things. Bill has been a positive male role model and has helped my son feel good about himself. Jeanette

Reading about his background or listening to his music (below) will help you understand why he is so effective with challenged youth. You can also speak with him at 334.806.0908 or email billrossimusic (at) merge-education.com.

Lesson Policy and Releases can be found here. His music is below.